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              A leading provider of payment kiosks, payphones and solutions

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              About Guanri

              Shenzhen Guanri Telecom-Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of payment terminals, payphones and customized end-to-end solutions for various applications to accelerate customer’s productivity, profitabilityand operations.

              Guanri has accumulated much successful experience in communication technologies. It is the unique Chinese enterprise which has successfully realized the cooperative operation with overseas companies in foreign countries in addition to selling products to overseas markets…

              • MORE>>About Guanri

                About Guanri

              • MORE>>Milestones

                Guanri was certified as a “State-Level High-Tech Enterprise” and passed CCC and CE certification

              • MORE>>Certificates

                As ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified enterprise, Guanri has obtain CE, RoHS, PCI…

              • MORE>>Culture

                Instead of the asset, Guanri believe talent is the most valuable wealth of our company, Quality of each product depends on the quality of producing process.

              • MORE>>Partners

                We cooperate with China Telecom, China Mobile. China Union, Huawei, etc, and established long-term cooperative relationship with oversea enterprise such as TELEFONICA in Peru ,TOT and CAT ...