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              A leading provider of payment kiosks, payphones and solutions

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              • Guanri Intelligent Queuing System

                Guanri Intelligent Queuing System

                Shenzhen Guanri Telecom-Tech Co., Ltd. isa leading Chinese provider specialized in self-service payment kiosks, queuing machines,payphones, and customized end-to-end solutions for various applications, whichimprove customers’ productivity, profitability and operation.

              • Self-Service Card Selling

                Self-Service Card Selling

                Nowadays, cards are used more and more widely and bring us much convenience. We use various cards here and there, for example, public transportation cards, bank cards, shopping cards, parking cards, gas-filling cards, haircut cards, member cards, mobile top-up cards, SIM cards, city smart cards, calling cards, and so on.

              • Self-Service “Fast Haircut” Ticket Selling

                Self-Service “Fast Haircut” Ticket Selling

                Originated from the simple hair salon in metro stations in Japan and developed in Taiwan,“fast haircut” service and has become an international fashion trend today. Being professional, clean, economic and fast, the service is becoming a necessity in our lives. It also conforms to a trend of making complex things easier and standardized.

              • Self-Service Hotel Check-In

                Self-Service Hotel Check-In

                With the prosperous development of the hotel industry, homogenous service can hardly meet the market demands, and customers pursue faster service with higher efficiency and more convenient consumption experience. To reduce manpower cost and promote service quality, not only hardware transformation but also informationized management are n

              • Self-Service Payment Solution

                Self-Service Payment Solution

                Through Guanri self-service payment terminal and system, some services such as mobile top-up, prepaid card sales, bill payment and so on, could be implemented more easily and conveniently anytime and anywhere.