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              A leading provider of payment kiosks, payphones and solutions

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              • Payphone Solution

                Payphone Solution

                Guanri Remote Management System (RMS) is designed to collect the payphone system data and help telecom operators remotely manage payphones and analyze the revenue data. It can manage a large quantity of payphones installed in different areas.

              • Guanri e-Topup Solution to Prepaid Airtime

                Guanri e-Topup Solution to Prepaid Airtime

                Guanri e-Topup solution to prepaid airtime offers telecom carriers and vendors a cost-effective way to deliver their topup service without issuing or distributing topup cards any longer, and provides users an easy and convenient way to top up their mobile phones with public payphones.

              • SIM Card Payphone Solution

                SIM Card Payphone Solution

                Communication is becoming more & more important than ever before and the demand is still increasing. However, there are over 1.5 billion people in the world who can’t afford mobile phones, and in fact it is unnecessary for them to buy mobile phones just for several times of communications.