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              A leading provider of payment kiosks, payphones and solutions

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              2015 Cards & Payments Middle East

              Dear Sirs/Madam,

              Guanri Sinserely invites you to attend to 2015 Cards & Payments Middle East  

            1. Exhibition Venue: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre 
            2. Exhibition time : May 12-13 ,2015
            3. Guanri Exhibition Room: Hall 2
            4. Guanri Exhibition Booth: H5

            5. The event focuses on everything banks, telcos, government and retailers need to know to stay ahead, including how to:

              • Maximize revenue from card portfolios
              • Combat sophisticated fraud
              • Capitalize on new payment infrastructure
              • Profit from pre paid
              • Unify and connect e-Gov services
              • Develop effective eID and eVisa programs
              • Move more remittance from retail to mobile
              • Use NFC to enable mobile payments
              • Enhance customer experience with self service